As a client it is great to have peace of mind that their equipment and knowledge is second to none.
— Kate Holloway

Along side our event horses we also offer a range of livery packages to suit a wide variety of horses and riders, we offer world class facilities including a 50x30 all weather outdoor arena, large jumping field, covered horse walker, all year round turnout, and large well ventilated boxes. 

Full livery

We include all the essentials for the care of your horse and 6 days ridden work of jumping, schooling and hacking to prepare your horse for competitions or further their training. We also include all aspects of grooming and upkeep to ensure your horse is always looking neat and tidy.

Rehab livery

We have an experienced team in rehabilitating horses back from injuries, this includes retired international vet Mark Lucey who can insure your horse is getting the appropriate care in their path back to full health. 

Part livery

A more basic livery package that includes the basic care of your horse and all the essentials such as bedding, feed and turnout. Ideal for people who are able to ride themselves but need help with the day to day keep of them.